Carpool Procedures

Springdale Carpool Map

Carpool Map

Springdale Traffic Rules and Guidelines

1) Welcome Springdale Parents. We would like for everyone to be familiar with our carpool and parking rules. Please remember that the teachers and paraprofessionals are here to help with the safety of your children. We need your cooperation and respect. If everyone will be courteous and follow the rules, our traffic will flow smoothly. Children learn by example so please set a good one!

2) The main parking lot is for Springdale Staff. Please do not park in the main parking lot to drop off or pick up your child(ren). The parking spaces by the front entrance, near the flag pole, are reserved. Please DO NOT park in them.

3) The Parent Parking lot is located at the entrance closest to Wesleyan Drive. If you park in the Parent Parking, you MUST walk your child to the building. DO NOT DROP YOUR CHILD OFF AND ALLOW HIM/HER TO WALK TO THE BUILDING UNACCOMPANIED.

4) Only buses and daycare vans are allowed to drop off/pick up students at the front entrance of the school. No other vehicles will be allowed in this area.

5) The carpool line is the entrance closest to Springfield subdivision. Students should be dropped off as close to the cafeteria entrance as possible. ALWAYS pull down as far as you can . This will allow staff to unload the maximum number of cars possible, thus ensuring quick movement of cars through the carpool lane. The carpool line is not the place to write lunch checks, sign papers, etc. Students should be prepared to exit your car, from the passenger"s side only. Please do not wait and watch your child(ren) walk to the entrance. Staff will be on duty to supervise.

6) If you and your child(ren) arrive at school at or after 8:20, an adult must accompany the child into the building to sign a tardy slip. This practice is necessary in order for us to keep accurate records.

7) When picking up your child(ren) and when dropping them off, DO NOT park by the playground, under the tree, or in the Staff Parking area. If you must walk your child(ren) in or meet them on the sidewalk after school, park in the Parent Parking. This is the only area where parking is allowed during carpool hours: 7:45 am to 8:20 am and 3:20 pm to 3:45 pm.

8) Regarding afternoon dismissal, we use an electronic dismissal system. Each family will be assigned a carpool number. Please place the number prominently on the visor of the passenger"s side of the car so it will be visible to the staff member relaying numbers to the computer operator inside the building. One staff member will be on the hill at the top of the carpool line entering assigned numbers into the system. When a child"s number is entered, his/her name will appear on the large screen in the classroom. The child will be dismissed to the carpool area. When picking up carpool students, follow the driveway around to the last car in line. Once you are in line, do not leave your car. As the line moves, pull down as far as possible. PLEASE DO NOT STOP if you see your child coming. Pull all the way down towards the cafeteria entrance and an adult will assist your child in getting into the car.

9) If you choose to park in the overflow parking lot and walk up to get your child, please proceed to the carpool door near the benches. Present your child's carpool number to the staff member on duty. Your child will exit through the double doors.

10) If your child has an appointment after school, please pick him/her up prior to 2:30 p.m. Adults picking up students will be asked to show a picture ID.

12) For safety reasons, students WILL NOT be allowed to put book bags in the trunk of the car. This situation is dangerous for the children and it backs up the carpool line.

13) Any changes in your child"s afternoon transportation must be handled in writing or in

person. No emails, phone calls, or faxes will be accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS.

14) If your child is in a car seat, please make certain that it is on the passenger side of your

vehicle. Students should enter or exit the vehicle on the passenger side only. UNDER


YOUR VEHICLE into the adjacent lane of traffic. Drivers quite often will pull out to go

around the traffic once their child is in the car.

15) A parent may not leave or park his/her car in the carpool line. Please use the Parent

Parking lot if you need to get out of your car or come into the building.

16) Parking on the field and the basketball court is ONLY allowed during the first few days

of the school year and during a special event such as a PTC meeting. Please avoid

driving through areas where cones or markers are placed. Parents may only turn right out of

the carpool entrance from 7:45 am to 8:20 am and 3:20 pm to 3:45 pm. No left turns, please.

17) Please remember that these rules and guidelines have been established for the safety and

protection of our children. Campus police and the Bibb County Sheriff will be

monitoring the area during carpool hours. Violations of the traffic rules may result in the

parent receiving a ticket.

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