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Thank you to our Safety Patrol

Posted by Holly Driggers on 5/11/2018

safety patrol

Thank you to our dedicated Safety Patrol and their fabulous work ethic. They have done a marvelous job keeping our students safe during carpool. Whoop Whoop!!

2nd grade Teddy Bear Clinic

Posted by Holly Driggers on 5/4/2018

During the Teddy Bear Clinic, each child is given a handout that serves as their teddy bear's patient chart. The child then takes the handout and teddy bear around to the stations to be educated by medical students about the physical exam equipment and of the importance of each of the exams. The medical students also teach the children how to use the equipment so that they might perform the exam on their teddy bears. The last station at the teddy bear clinic is the healthy eating station. Here, the children are educated about healthy eating choices by reviewing the USDA's My Plate guidelines. The children are educated about how much fruit, vegetables, dairy, grain, and protein they should eat at each meal. They also learn about what types of food go in each category. Our goal with this project is to alleviate the children's fears about going to the doctor.

You can find pictures of Ms. Cook's class in the Teddy Bear Clinic in the picture gallery.

4th grade Civil War Murder Mystery

Posted by Holly Driggers on 4/12/2018

Civil War Murder Mystery 4th grade Murder Mystery
Springdale's fourth graders learned how to be detectives this week in Mrs. Kilburg's class. Kudos to Kristi Bivins, who created the activity titled The Civil War Murder Mystery. The students were introduced to a "crime scene", collected data and evidence from the scene, and put the clues together to determine the culprit. The crime committed was the death of Confederate General Marc Marshall. The suspects were from the Civil War era. The students loved collecting fingerprints, problem solving, as well as delving deeper into the Civil War. Thank you, Mrs. Kristi, for your love of science and students!

Black History Celebration

Posted by Holly Driggers on 3/1/2018

Yesterday we celebrated Black History month with many special guest speakers, a "Wax Museum" sponsored by 2nd grade, a musical performance from 3rd grade, and Ryan Rogers' "I Have a Dream" speech. Mrs. Michie's Kindergarten class was excited to have Ms. Ashley Kirklen from Channel 24 visit their class. They took turns being a "leader" with the news camera. Please see additional photos in Photo Gallery.

Black History Celebration

After School Program

Posted by Holly Driggers on 2/9/2018

We have started a fitness program in After School called "Skillastic". The children are learning new athletic games with a coach and having a great time!

They are being challenged physically as well as learning how to work together as a team. Pictures are in Photo Gallery.

Math and Science Night

Posted by Holly Driggers on 2/7/2018

Last night we had our Annual Math and Science Night at Springdale. I am so proud of how many parents, families, and students participated. The adults enjoyed the activities as much as the kids did! The hands-on experiments were amazing. Thank you, Mr. Dean Laskey, with GYSTA, for providing the materials. Please visit the Photo Gallery for more pictures.
Math and Science Night

100th Day of School Celebration

Posted by Holly Driggers on 1/26/2018

Can you believe we have been in school for 100 days? I guess it's true when they say that time flies when you are having fun! Our Pre-K and Kindergarten celebrated the 100th day in style. The halls resembled a retirement home with walkers, canes, and lots of gray hair, with teachers and students dressed up like they were 100 years old. Please check out all of the pictures in Photo Gallery.
100th day of school
100th day of school

It's all about safety!

Posted by Holly Driggers on 1/12/2018

I love carpool duty. You get to be outside, talk to parents, and sometimes pet some really cute dogs. The only thing that worries me is out-going cars turning left onto Northside Drive. Although we have a sign clearly stating that left hand turns are prohibited during morning and afternoon carpool time, some people continue to do it. This puts everyone at risk because the oncoming traffic is not visible. We have cones that help to block off the turn lane, but they are small, worn out, and lightweight. Thanks to Sallie Sullivan, Henry Sullivan's mom, we now have 3 large orange cones that will improve the carpool safety for everyone. THANK YOU MRS. SULLIVAN!

Thank you for the cones

Thank you, parent volunteers!

Posted by Holly Driggers on 1/12/2018

While walking down the hall today, I heard sweet giggles coming from a Kindergarten class. I poked my head in and saw a Springdale parent, Moriah Lavendar, reading a book to the class. Thank you, Mrs. Lavendar, for sharing your time with us and for being involved. Students with parents who are involved in their school tend to have fewer behavioral problems and better academic performance. What a wonderful reason to be a parent volunteer! We are blessed to have the best parents in Bibb County!!

Moriah Lavendar

Holly Day

Posted by Holly Driggers on 1/10/2018

I am completely blown away by "Holly Day"! I have never felt so loved or appeciated. Mrs. Kiser, thank you for your generocity and thoughtfulness. Please know I love you all and am so blessed to be a Springdale Eagle! Additional Photos in photo gallery

Holly Day

PBIS Party

Posted by Holly Driggers on 1/8/2018

Last week we began our second semester at Springdale. We celebrated by having a PBIS party for those with enough star bucks to attend. Star bucks are earned by doing the right thing and following the rules. The party was really fun, with activities such as building a snowman with mini marshmallows, dressing a snowman (wrapping your partner with toilet paper), cup stacking with your non-dominate hand, marshmallow toss/catch, and ball bouncing with spatulas. The children really enjoyed these activities and laughter was heard throughout the building. Way to go PBIS team for a great party! Pictures can be found in the Photo Gallery

Mrs. McIntosh makes learning FUN!

Posted by Holly Driggers on 12/18/2017

I walked into the library today

and was blown away

by the 2nd grade

Native American display!

I am so proud of our 2nd graders and their creativity! Visit my Photo Gallery to see additional pictures!
2nd grade Native American display

Welcome Home Dr. Cami Hamlin

Posted by Holly Driggers on 12/18/2017

Although we were sad to see Dr. Winds leave us, we are thrilled to say "Welcome Home" to Dr. Cami Hamlin. She is a familiar face around The Dale and much loved. Today is our Polar Express Pajama Day and Dr. Hamlin wore her PJ's to join in the fun!
  Dr. Hamlin and Mrs. Harbor

Dinner Theater

Posted by Holly Driggers on 12/14/2017

Kudos to Mrs. Sullivan and the Chorus for an awesome Dinner Theater! It was a sold out show which did not disappoint. The food was delicious, the cafeteria was beautifully decorated, and the chorus entertained us with a fun holiday show. It was fun to hang out with my Springdale family and relax! I am so thankful for our supportive and involved PTC. Without parents, activities like these would not be possible. If you were unable to attend, I highly recommend you get your tickets early next year. ***pictures in Photo Gallery

Pre-K Rocks!

Posted by Holly Driggers on 12/12/2017

I was fortunate to be with Mrs. Lako's Pre-K class today. What a blessing they were. I saw children learning through play by building bridges with blocks, painting a picture, exploring magnets, and cooking in housekeeping. How exciting to witness future engineers, artists, scientists, and chefs in the making!

The Falcons love Springdale!

Posted by Holly Driggers on 12/8/2017

Preview of Falcons Rise Up 159 Video is up!! We were one of 4 schools chosen in the state to have this opportunity and I guess the Falcons liked Springdale the best because we are the only school featured. Check out the link below.


Springdale Elementary 11-9-17


For review only

Kindergarten Science

Posted by Holly Driggers on 12/8/2017

Hello fellow Eagles! I am starting a blog to keep parents informed about all the exciting things that happen daily at Springdale that you may not hear about. This past Wednesday, Dec. 6th, our Kindergarten classes took part in a science experiment: "How many Kindergartener's does it take to pull Santa's sleigh?". Mrs. Matheney dressed up in her elf outfit, hopped into a "sleigh" and off they went. The children took turns pulling the sleigh and had a ball trying to figure out how many were needed to get it in motion. They discussed science terms such as prediction, estimation, and conclusion. Please visit my Photo Gallery to view the pictures. Mrs. Matheney, Mrs. Reynolds, Mrs. Johnston, and Mrs. Michie do such a great job helping our students develop a love for science.

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